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How Do I Login To My Web Hosting Account?

Congratulations on creating your web hosting account. You are one step closer to creating your dream website. Now you need to login to your web hosting account. New users may not know how to login. This article highlights how.

  1. Navigate to our Website’s Homepage.
  2. Select the option called “Client Area”.
  3. There will be two login options available. Select One.
  4. Enter the Email Addressand Password used upon Signup.
  5. b.Login using your Facebook, Google or Twitter account.(If already linked) 
  6. Tick the box Remember Me to stay logged in!
  7. Select the button Login!
  8. Well-done! You just logged into your Web Hosting Account. The client dashboard will appear.
  9. Within the Client Dashboard there are multiple options to select from. Within each section of the client dashboard you can complete different tasks:


–          View all purchased hosting plans.

–          Purchase new hosting plans.

–          Upgrade/Downgrade or Cancel your hosting plan.

–          Login to cPanel, Webmail and other services.


–          View all purchased Domains.

–          Register a new Domain.

–          Transfer an existing Domain.

–          Manage NameServers.

–          Manage Domains.


–          View All Support Tickets. Active and Closed.

–          Respond to Active support tickets

–          Create new Support Tickets


–          View All Invoices. Paid and Unpaid.

–          Monitor Spending.

–          Pay unpaid invoices.

–          Top-up Account.

Knowledge Base

Have a question that needs answering? Our knowledge base might have the answer you need. That’s why its useful we allow you to search our knowledge base for support articles straight from your client dashboard.

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