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How to Connect a Domain Registered Elsewhere.

How to Connect a Domain Registered Elsewhere

If your domain is registered with a different company (registrar), there are several ways to connect your domain to your hosting account here at Site-host. One is to transfer your domain to us, so you have everything in one place, and the other is to leave your domain with that registrar and just repoint your nameservers to Site-host.

In this article, we’ll cover how to point your nameservers in 4 steps:

  1. Remember where you registered your domain, and log into that registrar’s website.
    If you don’t remember the company where you registered your domain, you can look it up here. For a more detailed walkthrough, please see Modifying Nameservers with Other Registrars for information on how to connect your domain from other popular registrars’ websites.
  2. Find the nameserver settings.
    Locate the domain section (this is often under “domain settings” or “DNS”), and then look for the “nameserver” section. If you can’t find it, try messaging your registrar’s support. Sometimes they will change the nameservers for you.
  3. Copy/paste Site-host nameservers.
    Replace your existing registrar’s nameservers with these
  4. ‘Save’ or ‘Submit’ your changes.
    It can take a while for new DNS settings to propagate across the internet. Plan on 24–72 hours before your domain is fully connected.

Having issues? Please contact support team via chat , Email ([email protected] ) or submit a ticket.

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